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You arrive at the University, bags in hand, looking up at the campus with twinkling eyes thinking, “these are going to be the best years of my life!” You’re right. College is the most memorable time of your life and we are going to help you make the most of it. “Seize the day” is probably the most suitable motto for a university goer, especially while studying in a country like Australia where opportunities are endless! Whether you’re a local or an international student, spend your time doing these things after classes and you will have the ultimate college experience!

  1. Work out — Right after the last class of the day, you’re probably exhausted and it starts to feel like the end of the day at 3 or 4 pm! That’s why the next thing to do is head to the gym and indulge in some rejuvenating yoga, intense cardio or cross training, whatever is your natural preference. This will refresh you so you can make the most of the hours still left in the day! Universities in Australia, like the Monash University, one of the leading UG/PG universities in the country, are well equipped with fitness facilities.
  2. Catch a little café time — Next, head to your favourite little coffee spot and grab something to eat while sipping your cuppa. Whether you are alone or accompanied by friends, this is the time to relax, unwind and replenish yourself.
  3. Club activities — Among the best things to do in or after class is a club activity. Most days of the week, colleges in Australia have scheduled extra-curricular activities. Be a part of something that speaks to you and spend an hour or so getting creative with like-minded peers.
  4. Read — Sunsets are usually meant for relaxed indulgences like reading. Mind you, this does not mean studying a coursebook, but rather picking a book that you like from the Uni library for some leisure reading. Sit back and soak in some literary goodness in your favourite spot when you can.
  5. Explore — Colleges like the Monash University have sprawling campuses and surroundings. The best college experiences are the ones we have with friends on campus and in the city. So, make sure you take out the time to explore the campus and places in and around town with your best buddies.
  6. Hang out in your dorm — There’s literally ‘room’ for everyone in the college dorm! Once you retreat after a super productive day, spend some time with your dorm neighbours. Have a movie night, room party, game night or anything else that you find fun.
  7. Have a family chat — Since you are away from home, a little virtual family time is necessary to keep yourself connected to your loved ones and ensure they know you’re doing well and vice versa. Tell them all about your day, new friends, places and all else that you do while at Uni!
  8. Hustle — An interesting thing to do while studying in Australia is getting a part time job. Some students do it for the extra pocket money, some do it just for fun, but nonetheless it is an experience that really opens up your world culturally. So, try it!
  9. Spend time networking — One of the first things you must do at college is network. Online or offline, establishing connections should be your topmost priority. So, practice this on a daily basis and the best time to do that is after classes.
  10. Plan a weekend trip — How can you study in a beautiful place like Australia and not plan trips with friends! During your hang out time, suggest a trip that your bunch can take maybe over a weekend or during any upcoming holidays. After all, those who travel together, stay together!

So, there’s your list of things to get the most out of your university experience. Now, we do not suggest you do each one of these everyday but take your picks and make each day better than the previous one! Want to know more about college activities? Get in touch with us at The Education Post and we will be happy to help!


Anupama Kumar is a content writer based in Bangalore, India. She writes blogs, stories, articles and social media content and has a passion for helping people and connecting with them through her writing. A professional writer by day and a creative one by night, her own stories, musings, quotes, and poems inspired by her travels are also published on various platforms.

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With the purpose of giving students the ultimate learning experience and collegiate lifestyle

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With the purpose of giving students the ultimate learning experience and collegiate lifestyle

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