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The cost of international higher education is the first concern of aspiring students and their parents. The biggest advantage of Australian universities is that they offer scholarships in various categories and at The Education Post we help you understand the qualifications, processes and types of scholarships and grants you can apply for. Here are all the categories of scholarships available in Australia for international students:

  1. Merit-Based

The most well-known are the academic scholarships awarded to international students based on their grades. Not only is this a suitable option for getting a college scholarship but it is also a well-recognized achievement. Once granted, students need to maintain a certain academic performance or GPA to consistently benefit from this scholarship.

2. Field-Specific

These scholarships are granted based on the interest areas of aspiring international students. The eligibility is based on academic performance and is given in areas like Architecture, Design, Arts, Humanities, Music, Theatre, Dance, IT and Computer Programming, Accounting, etc.

3. Accommodation-Based

Depending on certain financial and lifestyle conditions, international students can also apply for this type of scholarship which includes living, room and settlement costs. This scholarship is granted in order to make the living at Uni affordable for international students in search for financial aid.

4. Sports Scholarships

If you are good at a certain sport or play on a team, here’s your chance to win a full ride scholarship in Australia. Universities encourage sports performance and athletics on pro, amateur and recreational levels to help students keep their talent alive and potentially benefit in their careers from playing college-level sports.

5.Equity Scholarships

For research students at undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate levels, there are equity scholarships that can help them with the cost associated with higher studies. For students from low-income backgrounds or those who have experienced hardships and financial struggles, this scholarship can help realize the dream of a quality global education. It is also available for students with illnesses, disabilities and special needs.

6. Australia Awards

In Australia, scholarships are offered by private as well as government institutions. One of the government run schemes is the Australian Awards. Funded by the Australian government, these are fellowships and scholarships awarded to international students to provide them an affordable higher education. In an attempt to promote global education, share knowledge and strengthen international ties through academics, the Australian government runs these programs for international students aspiring to study in Australia.

7. Endeavour Scholarship

Another government run scholarship is the Endeavour program wherein international students wanting to pursue post-graduate studies in Australia can apply to get assistance in their academic expenses. Awarded for masters programs and PHDs, this scholarship has a maximum cap, stipends, monthly payment and insurance for students.

8. Research Training Program

This is a program introduced as a combination of certain former scholarships to offer the best of all previously running schemes. It is a grant based program in which the participating colleges receive a yearly fund that is to be allotted to qualifying international students who apply. The flexibility of this program lets universities distribute the funds in the best ways possible among the right, deserving candidates.

9. Australia Awards Pacific Scholarships (AAPS)

For students in the Pacific region, the AAPS is a government scheme which is applicable on merit, academic achievements and over all scholastic performance. It is applicable for the academic duration of the course that the student applies for and may or may not include an additional preparatory course of another year, depending on the application and qualification of the student.

For more information and details of scholarships in Australia, please feel free to reach out to us. Our aim is to connect students with the right information and universities to help them pursue their dream of a quality higher education.


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